U.S Virgin Islands, ST. Croix, ST. Thomas, and ST.
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u.s virgin island outline map
united states  virgin island flag
u.s virgin island flag
Facts: The flag of the US Virgin islands was officially
adopted in 1921.

The flag featured parts of the US seal. The eagle holds a
laurel branch in one talon, and three arrows in the other,
representing the three major islands: Saint Thomas, Saint
John, and Saint Croix.

Yellow, representing various characteristics of the
territory and the flowers; green, symbolizing the hills;
white, depicting the clouds; blue, representing the waters
and red, representing love.
Facts: The Virgin Islands are a
unincorporated territory of the united

Previous name: Danish West Indies

They were sold to the United States by
Denmark in the Treaty of the Danish
West Indies of 1916.

Capital City: Charlotte Amalie, St.
Thomas Island.
US virgin islands coat of arms
United States Virgin Islands (Seal ) coat
of arms.