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Turks and Caicos islands coloring pages
and facts, flag, map, coat of arms.
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Turks and Caicos islands coloring page
turks and caicos islands map
turks and caicos islands coat of arms
turks and caicos islands flag
Fact: Turks and Caicos islands flag was adopted on
November 7, 1968.
Fact: The coat of arms of the
Turks and Caicos Islands was
granted in 1965.
Facts; The Turks and Caicos
Islands (abbreviated TCI) are a
British Overseas Territory
consisting of two groups of tropical
islands in the West Indies.
Caicos Caribbean
Pine-national tree
Brown pelican- national
national flower, Island
Heather (Limonium
Turks and Caicos island coat of arms
Turks and Caicos island map