Draco also known as Flying Dragons, or
flying lizard coloring pages and facts.
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raco lizard
Facts:  Type:Reptile, Diet:Carnivore meanig  'meat eater').  Size:Up to
8.4 in (21 cm)  Protection status:None.

Draco also known as Flying Dragons, or flying lizard.

Dracos reach about 8 inches (20 centimeters) long.

Draco lizards are found in densely wooded areas in the Philippines and
Borneo in the east, across Southeast Asia and into Southern India.

While not capable of powered flight they often obtain lift in the course
of their gliding flights.

When the lizard expands their ribs these flaps turn into “wings” and
allow them to move from tree to tree.

Draco lizards use their long, slender tails to steer themselves, and each
sortie can carry them up to 30 feet

Draco can Glide as long as 30 feet .

Flying lizards are actually a territorial animal and the male of the
species will usually claim two or three trees as their Tropical Condo.

The only time a flying lizard ventures to the ground is when a female is
ready to lay her eggs.

After laying here eggs She remains on the ground for about 24 hours.

Draco uses her pointed snout to create a small hole in the ground,
where she lays about five eggs and then covers the hole with dirt.

Dracos diet is almost exclusively ants and termites