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Cayman Islands coloring pages and facts,
flag, map, coat of arms.
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Cayman Islands
cayman islands coat of arms
cayman islands flag
cayman islands map
Facts: The Cayman Islands is a British
Overseas Territory located in the
western Caribbean Sea.
The Cayman Islands were sighted by
Christopher Columbus, on 10 May 1503
on his fourth and final voyage to the New
The Cayman Islands, a British
possession since the 1670s
Facts: The Flag of the Cayman Islands was adopted in 14 May 1958.

Prior to that, the Islands had used the British flag for all official
Cayman Islands map
Cayman Islands coat of arms
Facts: The proposal for a coat of arms was
approved by the Legislative Assembly in
1957, and public input was sought on its
design. The Royal Warrant assigning
“Armorial Ensigns for the Cayman Islands”
was approved by Her Majesty’s command
on 14 May 1958.