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page and facts.
Facts: Names, Great barracuda, barracuda, barra,
Commerson's sea pike, Tiger of the Sea and short

The barracuda is a salt water fish.

Barracuda is a fish known for its large size and
fearsome appearance.

Barracuda typically live up to 14 years.

The great barracuda has a large mouth containing two
sets of razor-sharp teeth, making it an efficient predator.

Habitat:  The great barracuda is common in the western
Atlantic Ocean from Massachusetts (U.S.) to Brazil. It is
also found in the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea
as well as the eastern Atlantic Ocean, Indo-Pacific, and
the Red Sea.

Great barracudas often grow over 6 feet (1.8 m)

Barracudas are popular both as food and game fish.

Attacks on humans by great barracudas are rare.

Barracudas are scavengers, and may mistake
snorkelers for large predators.
Barracuda coloring page