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Facts: The flag was adopted on July 10, 1973.

The black equilateral triangle on the left represents the unity
and determination of the people of the Bahamas.[1] The
triangle is oriented toward three equal-width stripes
symbolizing areas of natural resource; two aquamarine
stripes at the top and bottom of the flag representing the sea
and one gold stripe representing the land.
Facts:The Coat of Arms was approved by Her
There was a national competition to produce the
motto for the coat of arms, and the competition was
won by two 11-year-old schoolchildren – Vivian F.
Moultrie of Inagua Public School and Melvern B.
Bowe of the Government High School in Nassau.

Bahamian artist Hervis Bain prepared the
preliminary design of the coat of arms.
Bahamas coat of arms