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Aruba coloring pages and facts, flag, map,
coat of arms.
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Aruba flag coloring page
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Facts: Aruba's national flag  was adopted on March 18, 1976.
The island celebrates this day as Flag Day.

The red star in the flag of Aruba represents the island and the
blood shed by the nation's patriots and the white edge the waves.
The star is unique as it is a four pointed one instead of the usual
five-pointed one. It is also generally agreed that the four points of
the star refer to the four languages spoken by the people of the
island. The yellow stripes are a representation of the island's
movement towards being a separate self-governing member of
the Kingdom of Netherlands. They also stand for the mineral
wealth of the land that brought in prosperity to the islanders in the
19th century. The blue represents the sea, the sky, peace, hope
and Aruba's historic connections and its expectations of the future.

The flag of Aruba represents the ties, hopes and desires of the
Aruban people.
Aruba map
Aruba map
Aruba flag