American Oystercatcher coloring page and
american ostercatcher
American Oystercatcher coloring page
American Oystercatcher
Pied Oystercatcher is found on the Atlantic coast of North
America  and the  Gulf coast, and south to northern South

Adult Description, Large shorebird, Black head, Large red
bill, Back brown, Underside white, Stout legs, dull pink,
Bold white stripe in wings and white rump visible in flight.

The American oystercatcher reaches a height of 17 to 21
inches (43 to 53 cm), with a 35-inch (89 cm) wingspan.

American Oystercatche feed on bivalves (oysters, clams,
and mussels) and uses its brightly colored bill to get at

Oystercatchers are very protective of their young. Both
parents incubate the eggs.

To distract predators, adult birds will fake an injury to
attract attention away from the nest or pretend to brood
where there is no nest.